Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification Training

Date: 24/11/2020

End Date: 27/11/2020

Location: UBCUK Birchwood, !st Floor Rutherford House, Warrington Rd, Birchwood WA3 6ZH

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certification Training

Do you have a vision of the future you desire?

Would you be interested in learning how to consistently achieve success and create the best possible version of self?

Is there something in your life you want to change in order to have what you really want?

Would being able to communicate with influence and authority open doors for you in your career?

NLP is the study of excellence and how to easily replicate it in self. Learning how to use the language of the mind will allow you to achieve any goal easily.

The NLP Practitioner Training will give you a new perspective on how the mind works and how easy it can be to make long and lasting changes in both your life, and the lives of others.

For personal development or to build up a business of your own, become the most successful

How the training works

This is an intensive training programme with comprehensive pre-study leading to four days face to face learning. As soon as we receive your booking with your deposit,  you will be sent the pre course study pack which is included in the cost of your training.

The pre-study pack contains:

  • A comprehensive course manual
  • An excellent supporting text book
  • Link to a full audio experience of the entire practitioner content
  • An open book learning worksheet via email to be completed and submitted prior to attending the face to face course
  • Worksheet assessment and feedback

You will be able to contact your trainer for advice and guidance at any time during the pre-course study, early booking is advised to enable you plenty of time to complete the pre-study.

4 days intensive NLP Practitioner Training

Once you have completed you pre-study learning worksheet to the required pass rate standard you will attend the 4 day face to face training where we will put all you pre course learning into practice. This is where the magic happens!

Highly interactive training learning to apply NLP in practise as well as understanding the theory, working on real issues to ensure the best possible result for you.

On graduation you will be a fully certified Practitioner of NLP accredited though Quest for Success Ltd, and The American board of NLP

An investment of £1,200 to change your life, initial deposit of £500 to confirm booking, early booking discount available.


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