Back to work nerves

28th June 2020

  So today was my first time back judging a dressage competition in over 3 months and with the addition of social distancing rules it was a slightly akward situation It was first time back for the competitors too and with a blustery day, over excited horses and ring rusty riders some challenges for all. […]

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Take Back Control

2nd June 2020

Over the last 3 months it’s felt like we have lost control of life, things that we took for granted were suddenly out of reach, dictates from the government telling us what we can and can’t do. Now we’re expected to start emerging into a new kind of normal, it’s a little daunting to say […]

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Back on Track? Exploring Resilience

21st April 2020

Well that’s been an interesting 4 weeks! From complete clarity to total uncertainty in the blink of an eye, are you experiencing anxieties around loss of control and having difficulty adapting to our new social conditions? I certainly was, a diary full of dressage training and judging, a year of wonderful development workshops and transformational […]

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Do Something Different

26th February 2020

Albert Einstein said “It’s the insane person who persists in doing the same thing and expects a different result” Are you using the same goals for Lent as you failed at as New Years resolutions? Do you know there’s no such thing as willpower? Motivation comes when your goals are aligned with your own values […]

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Time to Talk Day

6th February 2020

Focusing on mental health today. Just taking the time to say hello to someone, ask how they are feeling can save a life. We’re all very busy going about our business and it’s the small acts of kindness that can make such a big impact on someone who is not in a good place, knowing […]

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New beginnings on twelfth night

2nd January 2020

Have you ever wondered about the origins of taking down the Christmas decorations on twelfth night? There are a few claims to the significance, Christians attribute it to the coming of the 3 wise men bearing gifts of prosperity to Jesus, Epiphany, it also relates to the Pagan tradition of Yule (celebrating the winter solstice) […]

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Are you ready to experience total mental and physical relaxation?

13th June 2019

  Is this dismal weather getting you down? Unable to get away to the sun? Come and find out how to totally re-energise your life and banish the blues with the power of hypnosis.

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Think yourself successful

3rd May 2019

Are you self sabotaging your dreams and aspirations? Do limiting beliefs and lack of confidence hold you back? Learn how to create a winning mindset and join us on this informal, interactive workshop.  

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The Final Push, a sense of achievement

21st April 2019

Easter Sunday. My annual declutter and clean up for Lent at an end. The beautiful weather this past week have given me more incentive to keep right on to the end. Recycling and rubbish ready for collection on Thursday, full bag of charity donations to drop off on Tuesday. House (relatively) clean and sparkly. How […]

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Are you getting enough?

15th March 2019

      Sleep that is.       It’s world sleep day.

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